How It Works

At TownFave, locals create lists of their favorite spots around town. Whether it's "The Best Slice of Pizza" or "The Best Park to Take Your Dog"...we want locals to share their top recommendations about their city.

Once a list is on the TownFave, it's ever evolving. Users can add places to any list...and vote places on a list up or down...pretty simple.

Step 1 - Create a List Topic

Come up with an interesting list topic that doesn't already exist for the city. Feel free to create a general "Best Dessert in Los Angeles" or more specific, like "Best Bread Pudding in Downtown Los Angeles"

Step 2 - Write a List Description

Write a couple sentences describing what this list is about and what types of places should be on this list.

Step 3 - Add Locations to Your List

Adding places to a list is super easy. Just type the name of the place you want to add...and we do the rest.

Step 4 - Share Your List

These lists are fun and useful when the community views your list and helps your list evolve. So please share your list with friends!